Target is a Black Hole

Am I right?  You go in for one random item (a banana hook in my case) and walk out with at least two bags!  It’s just too hard to resist their adorable clothes, shoes and accessories at those prices! While shopping for my banana hook I walked by their clothing section (don’t tell my husband they are on separate sides of the store) and saw so many cute, new items.  I had to do a try on.  Links can be found below or you can message me for any links/with any questions.  Happy Tuesday!

Red Dress
Loose Tank
Flounce Sleeve
LS Kimono
fringe cardi
3/4 sleeve
Layering Cardi
Pink suede moto
Plaid Top
Green Tunic
Leopard Tank
Black Denim
moto leather jacket
Black Cardi

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