About Me

Hi, there! I’m Katie.  I currently live in Delaware with my husband, son and two dogs.  We landed here after spending some time in Florida, Texas and Singapore! I have a career in the healthcare field as an occupational therapist.  I know what you’re thinking, and no, I do not help people find jobs.  I help people return to performing their daily occupations (such as bathing, dressing, leisure activities, etc.) after a disease or disability.  I mostly work with the elderly in skilled nursing facilities but you can find OTs in hospitals, outpatient clinics and even schools.
My motivation behind starting this blog came when my son was 10 months old.  I looked in the mirror and saw I was wearing clothing that was 2 sizes too large, stained in milk and/or stretched out from pregnancy. I decided just because I was a busy and stressed it did not mean I had to let my fashion sense go-by-the-wayside.  I created this blog as a means to share affordable, fashionable and practical outfits with other busy women!